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Referral, Evaluation, and Eligibility Process

Children are usually referred to the ECSE District Program directly by parents or through The Learning Center (TLC is an early intervention program that serves children ages 0-3 with developmental delays).  Parents usually call the ECSE Program and express the desire to have their child evaluated based on developmental concerns which may include social/emotional development, communication, learning, vision, hearing, motor, and self help skills.  ECSE Staff gathers information from the family regarding their concerns and fills out a Referral Document.  Based on the information documented in the Referral, ECSE Staff are able to make recommendations for areas to evaluate.  An appointment is scheduled for the parents to bring their child in for an evaluation.  At the first scheduled appointment, ECSE Staff provide each family with a copy of the Parent Procedural Safeguards for Special Education in Utah.  After the parents sign consent for evalutation, the assessment may begin.  After all areas of concern have been evaluated, an Eligibilty Meeting is held to review assessment results and to help determine if the child qualifies for services.  The Eligibility Meeting consists of Team of individuals including the Parents, a Teacher, the Preschool Coordinator, and any involved Related Service Providers (speech, motor, USDB, nurse, transportation, autism specialist, etc.).  This team helps to determine eligibility.  If the child qualifies for services, an Individualized Education Program (IEP) is developed which includes documentation of present levels of academic achievement and functional performance, goals to be addressed by program staff, and service delivery patterns (what services and how often). 

Referrals:  Call 435-673-1557


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