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Philosophy and Model

PHILOSOPHY:  The ECSE District Program is based on the premise that early intervention is effective in the remediation of developmental delays and/or identifying strategies to offset the impact of educational disabilities on young children.  Developmental skills such as communication, learning, movement, self care, and socialization are important for all children.  Many children with disabilites need specialized intervention to gain the skills necessary for Kindergarten.  The ECSE Program uses a model in which all staff members working with a child share techniques to address individual goals.  These are integrated into the learning environment (usually a classroom) and also shared in activities for the child's home.  In some cases, staff members develop "co-treatment" plans in which staff from different disciplines work simultaneously with a child.


MODEL:  If you visit an ECSE Classroom, you might see a variety of adults in the room depending on the type of classroom.  The Special Education Teacher designs the daily program which is based on ECSE selected and developed curriculum.  The Para-Educator(s) help the teacher implement these plans in which each child's goals are addressed.  On different days, there may be a specialist (speech, motor, vision, or hearing) in the room working with small groups or individual children.  Depending on the child's goals, a specialist may work outside the classroom with a child individually or within the classroom environment.  The specialist is responsible for integrating their activities into the classroom curriculum, while the teacher is responsible for integrating the specialists goals and techniques into the the child's activities.


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